Requirements for the Implementation of Acts  

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According to the Ministerial Decision of the Management and Control System (14053/EYS 1749/27.03.2008) and its amendment (43804/EYS 2041/07.09.2009) the obligations of beneficiaries regarding the implementation of acts are:

  • The beneficiary’s obligation to implement acts in accordance with the terms and obligations of the acceptance agreement.
  • The beneficiary’s obligation to comply with the Community and national rules on public works, supplies and services contracts.
  • The beneficiary’s obligation to publish on his website and/or of the managing authority and/or body these belong to, a summary statement of the public works contracts and services worth more than 15,000 EUR but less than the lower limits set by PD 60/2007 and PD 59/2007 as well as the service contracts listed in Annex II B of PD 60/2007 and in Annex XVII B of PD 59/2007.
  • The beneficiary’s obligation to receive prior approval from the relevant managing authority before the approval of the tender documentation, prior to signing a public contract and before the amendment of a public contract.
  • The beneficiary’s obligation to send the following information in printed and electronic form to the managing authority of the operational programme, without prior notice:
    • the signed agreement or equivalent legal obligation, the approved schedule for the project’s implementation and any amendments existing,
    • the sub-projects’ fiche of the signed contract,
    • the act’s statement of expenditure and the time of their submission, with the indication that such statements should act as solemn statements of the responsible officials for payments and for the project executed by the beneficiary, accompanied with the supporting documents
    • the monitoring sheets of the acts and its sub-projects and the time of their submission until the completion of the physical subject,
    • the act’s completion report, describing the executed physical subject, the costs incurred and the result achieved in relation to that approved.
  • The beneficiary’s obligation to request, where necessary, the amendment of the decision for the act’s inclusion, before the end of its implementation.
  • The beneficiary’s obligation to keep a separate accounting quota for the act.
  • The briefing of the certifying authority and the managing authority on any revenue generated during the implementation of the act or after its completion, which have not been assessed in the financial analysis and the interest generated from the financial management of the resources made available.
  • The beneficiary’s obligation to keep all information and supporting documents on the expenditure and implementation of the act until at least 2020.
  • The obligation to accept on-site verifications by the managing authority, both on site and in the areas of the projects’ implementation and to provide them with any supporting documents requested.
  • The obligation to accept on-site verifications and audits by any national and European audit institution and to provide them with any supporting documents requested.
  • The obligation to take information and publicity measures.
  • The acceptance for publication of the beneficiary’s details, of the act included in the Operational Programme and the amount of public funding allocated.
  • Any additional conditions set by the managing authority.
  • The consequences of non-compliance with the terms and obligations of the acceptance agreement, including the possible withdrawal of the act’s inclusion decision without the agreement of the beneficiary.

    Last modification date: 24/10/2011