Priority Axes 

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In this section the main priority axes of the Regional Operational Programme of Attica 2007 – 2013 are briefly presented below:

Axis 1. Strengthening infrastructure relating to accessibility and energy
Actions of Priority Axis

  • Multimodal transport
  • Improvement of Transport Infrastructure and improvement of Urban Transport System
  • Upgrade and Expansion of Energy System 

Axis 2. Sustainable Development and improving of quality of life
Actions of Priority Axis

  • Environmental protection and risk prevention
  • Digital convergence for the service of the citizen
  • Culture – Tourism
  • Enhancement of social infrastructure

Axis 3. Improving competitiveness, innovation and digital convergence
Actions of Priority Axis

  • Advanced support services for enterprises and group of enterprises
  • Enhancement of small-medium sized (SME) Processing Enterprises for the promotion of environmentally friendly products 
  • Investments in enterprises associated directly to research and innovation 
  • Development of Energy Resources – Enhancement of Sustainability

Axis 4. Regeneration of Urban Regions
Actions of Priority Axis 

  • Regeneration of urban regions with an emphasis on the development of green areas

Axis 5. Technical Assistance
Actions of Priority Axis

  • Preparation, implementation, monitoring and supervision
  • Evaluation and studies, information and communication 
  • Studies – Evaluation – Publicity

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