ROP Objectives 

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The development strategy that was selected for the wider Region during the new Programming Period, rests on the development physiognomy of the Region of Attica, as well as on the more general framework of the EE strategic directions.

The selected regional development strategy specifies the directions of the National Policy for the fourth programming period, as these are presented in the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) and in the the secondary documents of sectoral policies.

The principal parameter of the development strategy and the setting of targets of the ROP of Attica 2007-2013 is to meet the development vision of the Region, as this has been brought out in the Development Conference of the Region and constitutes at the same time a national objective, as expressed in the National Strategic Reference Framework, which is the

«Enhancement of the international role of the Region of Attica as a European Metropolis in the area of South-eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea».

The general and specific objectives of the Programme are outlined below:

  • Improvement of the attractiveness of the Region as an International Business Centre.

The specific general objective contributes to the promotion of the following thematic priorities:

    • Transportation: upgrade/ expansion of the urban transportation sector, construction of new high ways and upgrade of selected regional road axes, completion of the combined transportation system
    • Energy: Infrastructure upgrade in order to ensure energy provision combined with other energy sources
  • Improvement of competitiveness of the economy through the encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship, research and technology and the spreading and exploitation of new information technologies.
    • Promotion of integrated Research and Technological Development, technological modernization of the Regional Media, spreading the use of Information and Communication Technologies, enhancement of tourism and culture in the Region of Attica.
  • Improvement of the quality of life and protection of the environment.
    • Environment: emphasis on the infrastructure for managing liquid and solid wastes in consistency with the relevant EE directives, water supply, promotion of biodiversity.
    • Prevention of risks against natural disasters: emphasis on the expansion and supplementation of the anti-flood protection.
  • Opening of more and better job positions.
    • Education: Completion of the infrastructures in the pre-school education, first, second and third degree education, as well as in the post-second degree technical, vocational training and life-long learning
    • Health: protection of public health, enhancement of health infrastructures with an emphasis on the development of first degree care. 
    • Urban development: easy access to services that upgrade the quality of life (health, social services, education, children care) in combination with the improvement of employment and the reduction of inequalities, especially in urban regions pockets.

Last modification date: 24/10/2011