The operational programme is completed. The website is archived and is no longer updated.

The Region of Attica, covered by the Operational Programme of Attica has two important characteristics which are that it represents the first metropolitan centre of the country as well as its geographical location characterized by its important gravity against the existing and under development infrastructures of the country. The «metropolitan» function of the city of Athens on a national scale is supported on the crucial for the country wide dimensions of manufacturing, services and infrastructure.

Therefore, within the 2007-2013 period, the design of the ROP aims to the enhancement of the international role of the Region of Attica acting as a European Metropolis in the area of South - Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

The program has a budget of 3,561 billion €.

The present website aims to provide information for each person on the above actions as well as of the procedures and the implementation progress of the ROP of Attica.

The relevant information material can be found in individual categories such as calls for proposals, news, information for beneficiaries, electronic library, etc