Management Adequacy – Integration of Acts  

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Aiming at the efficient and effective administration and management of the Operational Programme projects, the potential beneficiaries must receive management adequacy from the competent Managing Authorities.

In order to commence the relevant procedure for the confirmation of the management adequacy, the publication of the call for expression of interest will precede, so that the potential beneficiaries submit an application to the competent Managing Authorities as well as the documentation proving their management adequacy, as these are specified in the call.

A Committee will be examining and certifying whether the entities apply a management system with documented (written) procedures at least for the planning operations – maturation of projects, conducting biding- contract assignments, monitoring – certifying the physical object and financial management of the project.

The relevant invitations will be published in the web site under the (Calls For Proposal) and will pertain either adequacy certification on the capacity to undertake technical projects (confirmation of type Α΄) either adequacy certification on the capacity to provide services or undertake supplies (confirmation of type Β΄) or adequacy certification on the capacity to undertake specific actions using owned means (confirmation of type C΄).

In addition, beneficiaries according to the obligations regarding the integration of acts are required to submit their proposals for funding in printable and electronic form through the Electronic submission of Fiches to the MIS.

Last modification date: 24/10/2011